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 name   ███████ ███████
 ALIAS  Ada Wong, Hannah Yang, Anna Li, Sara Wu
 gender   cis female, SHE / HER
 d.o.b   MARCH 1974
 birthplace   New York, United States
 ETHNICITY   Chinese-American
 NATIONALITY   American / Chinese ( dual citizenship )
 ORGANIZATION   Unnamed pharmaceutical rival of Umbrella, The Organization
 ABILITIES   A jack of all trade, king of none, she has been forced to adapt, to become an expert in whatever the mission calls for, even if most of it is lost once the mission is over.
 WEAKNESSES  Highly addictive personality, little to no real connections, high performing psychopath

 Resident Evil / Biohazard 2, ( Operation Raccoon City, ) Darkside & Umbrella Chronicles, 4, Damnation, 6 


gaining notoriety in the corporate world for being able to handle serious situations and the most difficult requests without guilt. She has acted secretly in the background of many biohazard incidents and collected information on behalf of several organisations, while at the same time operating to undermine them. However, Wong follows only her own "true purpose" and has often betrayed the organisations and customers she is affiliated with to achieve it.


shipping. I do NOT ship Aeon. At all. Also Ada is selfish and self-serving, she may play at sympathy to gain the upper hand or engage in a relationship that serves a greater purpose but she has and always will be out for herself. She has no loyalty to any organization or person outside of herself.


 name   carla radames
 ALIAS  Ada Wong, marie cho, yvaine mae
 gender   cis female, SHE / HER
 SEXUALITY   bisexual
 d.o.b   april 23, 1986
 birthplace   miami, florida, united states of america
 ALIGNMENT   neutral evil
 ETHNICITY  chinese / dominican
 NATIONALITY   chinese american
 EYE COLOR  hazel ( formerly blue )
 Height   5'7 ( formerly 5'2" )
 ORGANIZATION   former head researcher in langshing's quad tower labs, founder of neo-umbrella, co-founder of white helix enterprise
 FACECLAIM   CHERIE CHEUNG ( formerly yeana kang )
 ABILITIES  genius intelligence, regenerating health ( post resurrections ), above average pain tolerance
 WEAKNESSES  deadened nerves, sever neurological problems, chronic dissociation

 Resident Evil / Biohazard 6 / marhawa desire 


once a researcher for and fiancée to Derek C. Simmons she was unwillingly forced into her own experiment, becoming ada wong. creator of the c-vius, neo-umbrella and responsible for the outbreak in china in 2013.the woman without a name or her own memories, she lives in the moment, building her empire on the bones of her former abuser. she is ruthless, untrustworthy and vile, right down to her rotten core.


massive scar from the round puncturing her chest and existing her back. she must apply layers of make up to pass as human post her death in the chinese sea otherwise her skin appears waxy grey with black veins. her eyes have returned to their former blue. she often wears wigs and colored contacts to alter her appearance.I am SLIGHTLY CANON DIVERGENT in that my portrayal sees that carla was a biracial girl, her mother is chinese-american and her father is dominican-american. She was NOT caucasian before the cloning process but rather white-passing and bleached her hair most of her life. Also bitch-- she lived!trigger warnings. carla is a character that experiences HEAVY and SOMETIMES SEXUAL THEMES including but not limited to DOMESTIC ABUSE, GROOMING, OBSESSION, UNHEALTHY and UNFAIR POWER DYNAMICS, as well as more. if these topics are triggering, please block the tag " cw / / c virus " which i'll be sure to attach to any thread / headcanon exploring these threads with her, rather than listing each individual one.


 name   Daniela Dimitrescu
 gender   cis female, SHE / HER
 d.o.b   BEFORE 1950
 birthplace   Madrid, Spain
 ETHNICITY   Spanish / Romanian
 NATIONALITY   Spanish / Romanian
 EYE COLOR  brown (right ) / green ( left )
 ABILITIES  Control over insects, short range glide, teleportation, telepathy with the hivemind of the black god
 WEAKNESSES  extreme cold

 Resident Evil / Biohazard VILLAGE 


once a subject of cadou experimentation after being kidnapped and killed, al human cells in her body were consumed by imitation blowflies born out of the parasite, which then assimilated her DNA and turned into imitation human cells. Neither Daniela or the other successful test-subjects remembered their life pre-experiment, and were adopted into the Dimitrescu family as Countess Dimitrescu's daughters. with her sisters, they feed on the local villagers and steal away the maidens to serve in their castle.


As everyone from the four lords families are extended family ( if not by blood ) i will NOT ship Daniela with anyone she calls family. She also genuinely loves Alcina as a mother and sees her as well as Cassandra and Bela as her true family.Daniela will sometimes lapse into visions in which fragments of the megamycete records filter through her mind, so she will see visions of both past memories as well as current events and plans for the future being crafted in the minds of the still living infected. They are mixed in with her own hallucinations due to the placement of the cadou in her optical and audible processing portions of her brain, these visions are more like slideshows without the proper context. She will states things that are completely true but often it is mixed with false memories and so many times, it is hard to separate out the truth from the trash.


 name  Ethan Nathaniel Winters
 gender   Cis male, he / him
 d.o.b   JULY 1984
 birthplace   Los Angeles, California, United States
 ETHNICITY   Biracial ( non-white Caucasian Arabic & Western European )
 Height   5'11
 ORGANIZATION   Trained by the BSAA for his own protection
 FACECLAIM   Malik Zidi
 ABILITIES  Insane healing abilities, molded type mutations when injured

 Resident Evil / Biohazard 7 / VILLAGE 


Ethan was formally a systems engineer for a natural energy company before he became part-time after the ' death ' of his wife, Mia Winters. Ethan spent 2014-2017 trying to find out what actually happened to mia after she went missing on a cruiseline. This lead him to dulvey louisiana where he was exposed to a bioweapon codenamed ' Eveline '. Eveline controlled a type of black mold and mia had been her handler. Wanting ethan to be her father, she refused to allow him to leave, feeding him into her mold mass called a megamycete. During this moment, Eveline shifted her consciousness and that of her colony hivemind into ethan as her physical body was deteriorating too quickly.Ethan was rescued by Chris Redfield and both Winters were handed over to the BSAA to cure and protect them from Mia's former employers The Connections.The Winters were relocated to Romanian and given new identities.In early 2021, Chris led a small group to assault the home in order to remove a bioweapon named Miranda who had taken on the visage of Mia, as well as Ethan and his daughter, Rose. Unfortunately, Miranda escaped with Rose and severed her body in order to rebirth Rose as Miranda's century-dead child Eva, who Eveline was originally meant to be a vessel for.In the end, Ethan's heart was ripped from his body, causing catastrophic damage to his body, triggering multiple organ failure that results in his sacrificing himself to get Rose to Chris and allow them to escape before Miranda's megamycete, the mother strain of Eveline's mold, could reclaim the child.


In most post-village verses, Ethan will be reborn from the black god and now is the soul sovereign of both Eveline' and Miranda's hives. He can access the memories and powers of all those absorbed and gifted by the black god and due to this, his memories have been lost and his personality has been corrupted due to all the others minds in his brain.with miranda ripping out his heart, it was replaced mid-battle with one from a soldat by heisenberg, and now has it stuck in his chest.


 gender   Cis male, he / him
 d.o.b   December 02, 1967
 birthplace   Raccoon City, Minnesota, United States
 Height   6'0
 ORGANIZATION   Raccoon City Police Department
 FACECLAIM   Garrett Hedlund
 ABILITIES   Physically powerful, quick on his feet, champion marksmen
 WEAKNESSES   Compromised immune system & t-virus infection resulting in a nearly constant fever and the need to constantly consume food. His average intake is about 9,500 kcal/day.

 Resident Evil / Biohazard OUTBREAK FILE 1 / FILE 2 


a former officer of the Raccoon Police Department, known for his poor work ethic and failure to pass the s.t.a.r.s exam twice. he survived the Raccoon City Destruction Incident in 1998, escaping with a band of survivors and the daylight antiviral.


shipping. For the most part I ship Kevin with Cindy Lennox, but if set before the outbreak, he slept around.For my portrayal, Kevin was infected via the drinking water as well as through attacks via t-virus infected as no matter what team of survivors he escaped with, he always took point and therefore took the brunt of the attacks from the ' zombies '. He was injected with Daylight but it was after being infected for around 3 days and due to being immune compromised, the t-virus was already sunk deep into his cells and was not completely cured.


 name  Leon Scott Kennedy
 gender   Trans man , he / him
 d.o.b   June 1977
 birthplace   Colorado, United States
 Height   5'10
 ORGANIZATION   Raccoon City Police Department, US STRATCOM, Division of Security Operations
 ABILITIES   Ambidextrous, trained in most firearms, specialty in blade combat, natural immunity to t-virus
 WEAKNESSES   Alcoholism, depression, PTSD, chronic tachycardia from the plaga removal procedure

 Resident Evil / Biohazard 2, ( Operation Raccoon City, ) 4, Darkside & Umbrella Chronicles, Degeneration, Infinite Darkness, Damnation, 6, Vendetta 


currently employed as a federal agent by the Division of Security Operations (D.S.O.), a counter-terrorism agency with direct Presidential oversight. he is a known survivor of the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, then as a police officer. Following his escape, he was offered a job in a US.STRATCOM team devoted to anti-B.O.W. combat, and served it until 2011 in repeated operations around the world.


shipping. I do NOT ship Aeon and I am fairly picky when it comes to Cleon. If a partner wants to put the work in to convince me that it is a GOOD and BALANCED relationship, I may make an exception, but it will be on exclusive base!post re4.In all verses and times post 2004, Leon has an inert plaga in his chest. It does not effect him in any positive way as it is more or less in natural stasis after the treatment on the island off the coast of Spain. The electroshock therapy was able to destroy most of the anchoring tendrils of the plaga into his central nervous system, it did not actually disintegrate it.The plaga in his chest could be reactivated by a queen plaga and he would be under the control of it. No one, outside Rebecca Chambers and Claire Redfield, knows that the plaga is still in him. He has been lucky enough not to need any surgery in his chest that would lead to it being discovered. Rebecca has been his primary physician for the plaga ( despite the fact that she's not that kind of scientist ) as she's trusted by him enough to know.


 name  Piers Nivans
 gender   cis male, he / him
 d.o.b   April 1987
 birthplace   Wyoming, United States
 ALIGNMENT   chaotic good
 ETHNICITY  french-brazilian / american
 EYE COLOR  green
 HAIR COLOR   brown
 Height   5'10
 ORGANIZATION   Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance
 FACECLAIM   Phillie Vergara
 ABILITIES   Advanced sniper training, moderate close-quarters combat
 WEAKNESSES   Post infection, he is far more susceptible to influence of a hive queen due to the c-virus base to his unique infection, c-Trident.

 Resident Evil / Biohazard 6, Marhawa Desire & The Stage 


A former soldier in the US Army, Nivans was placed in the BSAA's Special Operations Unit within the North American branch. Throughout his career, Nivans served under Cpt. Chris Redfield, whose high security rating allowed the two to participate in investigations outside of North America, namely: philosophy university, marhawa academy, edonia and china. during the edonian civil war, piers was temporarily promoted to captain during redfield's status as m.i.a.


shipping. I do NOT ship Nivanfield, Valenivans, or any other ship involving Piers with someone 10+ years older than him OR someone higher / lower in the chain of command. It would be endangering his position within the organization. Piers likes to have casual flings with others of equal status of him and / or those who serve in a different branch to avoid conflicting with the laws. Dating someone higher / lower in the chain of command would put him and the person he is involved with in jeopardy of being court marshalled, discharged without honor and / or facing actual legal ramifications.


 name  salvatore moreau
 ALIAS  bishop moreau, the fish king, zmeu
 gender   cis male, he / him
 SEXUALITY   heterosexual
 d.o.b   july 17, 1850
 birthplace   unnamed village, romania
 ALIGNMENT   lawful neutral
 ETHNICITY  ffrench / romanian
 NATIONALITY   romanian
 EYE COLOR  brown
 HAIR COLOR   black
 Height   4'7" ( head height ), 6'2" ( hump height ) / 9'4" ( mutated head height ), 13'4" ( mutated hump height )
 ORGANIZATION   ormerly bishop for the church of the black god, the four lords
 FACECLAIM   n / a
 ABILITIES   gelatinous production & manipulation, corrosive bile, ability to mutate at will
 WEAKNESSES   epressed, extremely slow when in human form, limited brain function, insides are his outsides now
has several tattoos along his arms and feet, however it is mostly covered by his rotting leather coat. wears a crown of malformed gold & human bones to set himself near miranda in the family hierarchy

 Resident Evil / Biohazard village 


once a most beloved servant of the people, lord moreau has been twisted from his human form to be the monstrous thing that hunts the old family reservoir. no one in the village knows he is still alive, only the fellow lords and the duke have ever seen him in his humanoid form. the rest only now him as a sea monster.


moreau is a sad, depressed little fish man but don't you meow meow him. he is more than happy to do whatever miranda asks of him without question. he also has some, dubious attraction to her. he calls her mother but also wishes to serve beside her as a father figure to eva once she is placed in her new vessel. i won't be writing any outright incestual content because it is gross & i don't like it, but he has an unhealthy and warped obsession with miranda i can't ignore.


 name  sherry birkin
 ALIAS  Cheryl Barnet
 gender   Cis female, she / her
 SEXUALITY   Heterosexual
 d.o.b   September 1986
 birthplace   Raccoon City, United States
 ALIGNMENT   Neutral Good
 ETHNICITY  American , British/Irish
 EYE COLOR  blue
 HAIR COLOR   blonde
 Height   5'10
 ORGANIZATION   Division of Security Operations
 FACECLAIM   n/ / a
 ABILITIES   Rapid healing abilities due to adapting to the G-Virus, advanced melee training
 WEAKNESSES  Extensive trauma could trigger G-mutations

 Resident Evil / Biohazard 2 ( Operation Raccoon City ), Darkside Chronicles, 6 


a child of one of umbrella's progedies, she was infected with the virus her father created during the raccoon city outbreak the g virus - though eventually cured thanks to claire redfield and escaped the city with her and leon kennedy - though she gained lifelong regenerative abilities due to the virus' effects. placed into government protective custody after the city was destroyed, she was eventually allowed to join the dso as an adult. years later, her G-Virus laced blood would be used by bio-terrorist and Neo-Umbrella leader Carla Radames to engineer the C-Virus and its enhanced strain, using it in the 2012-2013 Global Bioterrorist Attacks.


shipping.Sherry views Leon and Claire as older siblings and I will NOT ship her with either of them.In her timeline something to notes is that, as more information about Umbrella came out, it was believed that Dr. Albert Wesker, one of Birkin's former contemporaries, would want to get to Sherry and use her blood as a basis for advancing the T-Virus-- or any other strain he may have in his possession.As such, Sherry was placed in a Witness Protection Program and put under the care of Derek C. Simmons.


 name  Sheva Alomar
 gender   Cis female, she / her
 d.o.b   August 1986
 birthplace   UNKNOWN, NIGERIA
 ALIGNMENT   Neutral Good
 ETHNICITY  Nigerian
 Height   5'10
 ORGANIZATION   Unnamed guerilla revolutionary group, BSAA West African Branch
 FACECLAIM   Sonequa Martin-Green
 ABILITIES   Some marksmen training
 WEAKNESSES  Normal human weaknesses

 Resident Evil / Biohazard 5 


Sheva Alomar is an agent for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, operating as part of its West African branch. She was assigned to the mission in 2009 in kijuju to assist Chris Redfield, who was unfamiliar with the area which eventually led to the rescue of jill valentine and the defeat of albert wesker once and for all.


shipping.Sherry views Leon and Claire as older siblings and I will NOT ship her with either of them.In her timeline something to notes is that, as more information about Umbrella came out, it was believed that Dr. Albert Wesker, one of Birkin's former contemporaries, would want to get to Sherry and use her blood as a basis for advancing the T-Virus-- or any other strain he may have in his possession.As such, Sherry was placed in a Witness Protection Program and put under the care of Derek C. Simmons.


 name  Dr. Takashi Karasawa
 gender   Cis male, he / him
 d.o.b   1989
 birthplace   OSAKA, JAPAN
 ALIGNMENT   Neutral Good
 Height   5'9
 FACECLAIM   Iwata Takanori
 ABILITIES   High intelligence, natural immunity to the base t-virus strain
 WEAKNESSES  Normal human tolerances

 Resident Evil / Biohazard: The Experience  


Dr. Karasawa was one of several Japanese nationals who wake up in a mansion in Japan during an outbreak, not knowing who the others are or reasons for their abduction - only that they must escape the mansion that is now infested by zombies. upon being the last survivor, it is revealed that they have been kidnapping the people, who have an IQ above 130 and able to understand the tyrant's strength and enlightenment, the experiment's host informs him that she works in a private company that ships out tyrants to military structures around the world. Karasawa picks up the gun and tells her that as a doctor, he has to save humanity from the virus and that is a necessary evil, Karasawa shoots her putting an end to the tyrant's production.


Dr. Karasawa was abducted and forced to participate in an experiment by an unknown company. During this trail he was injected with the t-virus and due to resisting mutations, it was found that he carried the 1 in 1,000,000 genetic make up to form a new tyrant.